Our hiring process

Page - April 26, 2011
At Greenpeace we are in a sense all campaigners, whatever our role designations. We bring different skills to bring change to the environment, so look at jobs that most suit you

What we look for

While assessing a candidate, we look for job specific skills, comparable experience, ability to work well with others, initiative, analytical & problem solving ability, ability to organize, plan and execute and most importantly, potential.

It goes without saying that one must be passionate about working for the environment. One must also believe in our mission, working principles, our position on environmental issues and our style of campaigning.

Application procedure

Before you apply, please take the time to understand Greenpeace and its work and the role you are applying for. For all positions, we ask that you send in your CV with a cover letter. In some cases you may also be asked to write a short note on a job specific problem/question.

CV: We ask that you send us your CV outlining your education, work & voluntary experience & any relevant trainings attended with dates of completion. We ask that you also include contact details of two referees. We will not contact the referee until a job offer has been made. Ensure your CV is no more than 2 pages long (2sides of A4).

Cover letter: The cover letter is the most important part of your application. It should be used to tell us how your experience, achievements, skills, knowledge & training gained in past employment & other activities will enable you to perform the requirements of the job. Ensure your cover letter is no more than 1 page long (1 sides of A4).

We do not accept incomplete applications or ones without a cover letter.

Once you write to us, your application is screened by our recruiter. Our recruiter will call you and ask some preliminary questions. Once you have passed this stage you will speak to the hiring manager. Finally an interview at the office is scheduled. You will most likely be asked to complete an assignment to be presented at the interview. The final interview format varies for different positions and we might alter the format based on the role and the person.

There is no Planet B

Whoever you are and wherever you are in India, there is a way to turn your energy and enthusiasm for the environment into a role at Greenpeace - as a volunteer, intern or staff member - so don't be deterred - get involved - there is no Planet B