Renewable energy dome in Bihar

Photo | December 24, 2010

A group of Indian women stand in front of the Urja Kranti Kendra. The Urja Kranti Kendra, a striking, four storey high, globe-shaped structure that runs on renewable energy was set up in the center of Patna, Bihar. The dome is a live example of decentralised set up to drive home the message that Bihar, an energy starved state in the east of the country, could build the energy infrastructure of the future by choosing renewable energy. Only a shift in energy infrastructure, away from polluting sources of energy, can mitigate dangerous climate change and provide for the development of the state. As demonstrated by the Urja Kranti Kendra, Greenpeace envisages a Bihar in which renewable energy, generated in a decentralised manner, can contribute significantly to the state's energy mix. This would also enable rural communities to manage their own energy generation and distribution, increasing equity of access.