Greenpeace did not fund Channel 4 trip to Mahan; Channel 4 refutes MHA allegations;

Press release - April 11, 2015
New Delhi | April 11, 2015| Channel 4 today rubbished the Ministry of Home Affairs’ claims, which alleged that Greenpeace had funded the Channel 4 trip to Madhya Pradesh to shoot a documentary on the people’s movement in Mahan.

In an email response to Greenpeace, Hugo Ward, Director of the program in question said: “Unreported World is a critically acclaimed television series funded entirely by Channel 4.  It is false to suggest that the trip made last year by our team was arranged or funded by Greenpeace.

“The documentary in question is a balanced exploration of the impact of the Indian government’s drive to help the country’s development through widespread electrification. It includes an interview with Ramakant Tiwari, the CEO of Mahan Coal Corporation, Greenpeace activists and local villagers, many of whom have benefited from the recent arrival of electricity to their homes. 

“The documentary is freely available online and we urge your readers to watch it before making up their own mind about the issues it explores” (