Greenpeace stands vindicated as tea industry leaders tread Non-Pesticide Management (NPM) path

Tata Global Beverages Ltd commits to phase out pesticides from tea

Press release - September 29, 2014
New Delhi, September 27, 2014: Greenpeace India welcomed the announcement made by Tata Global Beverages Ltd (TGBL) [1], which highlights its vision to promote ecological agriculture and Non Pesticide Management (NPM) in tea cultivation, under the project Sustainable Plant Protection Formulation (S-PPF). Tea consumers can now heave a sigh of relief as almost all the leading companies in the sector have committed to explore ways to eliminate pesticides from tea cultivation.

Earlier this year Greenpeace had released its report "Trouble Brewing" [2], highlighting the presence of pesticide residues in tea. Since the release of the report, Greenpeace had been engaging with the tea companies to commit to adopt an approach that will ensure pesticide free tea for the consumers. As many as over 40,000 people joined Greenpeace in its campaign asking the tea companies to clean chai now.

"It is heartening to see one of India's leading tea companies spell out their vision for an approach that is based on rejuvenating the ecosystem. The first step to achieving this vision is TGBL's commitment to pilots in their associate plantations in North and South India. Tata's commitment comes as a huge step for the Indian tea industry towards sustainability and global leadership." said Neha Saigal, Senior Campaigner, Greenpeace India.

Since the launch of the Greenpeace report, major tea companies like Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Girnar Tea and Wagh Bakri have announced their commitment to support the phase out of pesticides from tea cultivation. Now with TGBL's commitment, it shows the willingness of India's tea sector to move away towards ecological agriculture. Greenpeace will continue to monitor the developments and will support the industry in moving away from the pesticides treadmill.

"This movement of tea companies towards ecological approaches like Non Pesticide Management, is a victory for the people and consumers who deserve clean and pesticide free tea. We hope that taking cue from the tea sector the entire agriculture sector will move away from the pesticides treadmill and takes the ecological route in the coming future," Saigal added further.

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