‘Malicious Report Riddled with Mistruths’: Greenpeace India

Press release - June 19, 2014
New Delhi, 19 June 2014: Greenpeace India today rubbished allegations made by the two IB reports that were leaked consecutively within one week. Greenpeace India believes that this leak is a concerted effort by parties with vested interest to ensure elimination of any opposition. Since Greenpeace India has emerged as one of the primary voices opposing coal mining and nuclear power projects, the NGO has been specifically targeted to show the world, how the Indian government wants to crush any kind of opposition.

"The strategy, it seems, is to discredit the organisation towards the long term goal of removing obstacles for pushing fast clearances. But discrediting Greenpeace will not save the world from climate change. Ours is probably the last generation that can make a difference to curb climate change," says Samit Aich, Executive Director, Greenpeace India.

Over the past few years Greenpeace India's activities has led to anger among people in the government as well as corporate entities. And the timing and the purpose of the leak seem very suspicious.

Such malicious reports however, will not stop Greenpeace India in fighting for a better future. "They plan to create a wave of anger and discontent amongst the public and over a quarter million supporters with blatant lies and half truths. Both the reports are riddled with mistruths and factual errors. We will continue to challenge fossil fuels and dangerous technologies across the world and in India. We will campaign for greater investments in ecologically sustainable, clean and safe practices both in agriculture and energy, and demand for equitable development," says Aich.

Such efforts to crush the spirit of individualism and social justice can never be successful.