Switch On The Sun- Greenpeace India Applauds Delhi Government Adoption Of Solar Energy Vision

Celebrating the adoption of Greenpeace India’s 2GW solar energy vision in the Solar Policy released by Delhi Government yesterday

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Feature story - June 7, 2016
New Delhi | 7th June 2016| Delhi got its much awaited solar policy on Monday. The Delhi government unveiled and approved the solar policy in the cabinet meeting.

Pujarini Sen, Campaigner Greenpeace India said “This is a great victory for our people powered campaign: Switch on the Sun. We were the first to put forward a 2GW vision for Delhi, through our report: Rooftop Revolution [1]. This is a trailblazing step towards fulfilling India’s global climate commitments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious national solar targets, and overall sustainable development. If the entire country moved in this direction, then the long overdue Energy Revolution in India will be achieved soon.”

Greenpeace India along with thousands of its supporters played an active role in the adoption of the new solar policy by the Delhi government. The NGO lobbied with the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission for the release of Net Metering guidelines [2], and been closely involved with the Delhi Dialogue Commission, alongside other stakeholders, in drafting the Solar Policy released yesterday. “Thousands of our supporters have helped us convince the government of Delhi’s readiness to usher in a rooftop solar revolution. We engaged with multiple allies, partners and volunteers including resident welfare associations (RWAs) and other institutions such as, hospitals, hotels, government establishments,” said Sen

URJA, the apex body of RWA in Delhi, an active partner in Greenpeace’s Switch on the Sun campaign, also welcomed the Solar Policy announced by the Delhi Government and its ambition to make Delhi a Solar City.  “Indeed with its high potential of solar incidence and massive power consumption, Delhi is well suited to take the lead among metropolises in this direction,” said Ashutosh Dikshit, CEO URJA.

“We have helped the RWA community in five colonies across Delhi to install the solar power panels in their offices. With this new policy, we are confident that we will be able to facilitate many more installations, making use of various policy provisions like Generation Based Subsidy and Virtual Net Metering. We hope to make big advances in implementing solar power generation, and continue to be engaged, alongside Greenpeace, in creating awareness in Delhi,” he added.

Greenpeace believes this is a step in the right direction and with this announcement, Delhi can leave behind its previously embarrassing label of ‘worst performance in meeting renewable purchase obligation targets [3] and truly be a leader by implementing the policy and contribute to meeting India’s national renewable energy targets.


Notes to Editor-
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