What will Delhi do when the lights go out this summer?

Page - April 22, 2013
In another month, harsh summer will descend on Delhi. With it will come long hours of power cuts. Heat and power cuts are Delhi’s nemesis. How will Delhi solve its electricity issues?

With a very low power supply of its own, Delhi has to draw power from neighbouring states. With rising demands, states tend to pull more than their quota of electricity from the power grid. This resulted in the massive grid failure last year that left majority of North India without electricity for two days.

Delhi can protect itself from another blackout by investing in renewable energy. The capital will face a power deficit of 600-900 MW even after drawing electricity from neighbouring states. This deficit can be made good by using renewable energy.

After facing the nightmare of the grid failure, the Delhi government made a few announcements about experimenting with renewable energy schemes in the Capital. It has, however, not been able to implement anything concrete.

That the capital needs to invest in power cannot be denied. It can invest in destructive coal or be futuristic and invest in sustainable renewable power