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Rooftop Solar - A Perfect Retirement Investment!

Are you tired of paying a phenomenal amount of money to the electricity company, month on month? So was Mr. Rajpal, and he did something about it. About four years ago, he installed a solar rooftop system and upgraded his lifestyle by moving towards greener, cheaper energy alternatives.

Conscious of his fast approaching retirement, being a private sector employee, he had to plan for his future where he needs to cut down on his recurring expenses. He could either invest his money in a fixed deposit, but that would not account for inflation. He opted for a much more beneficial route. With conventional form of electricity (coming from coal) becoming more and more expensive, he saw opportunity and tremendous cost benefit in solar. He found out about net-metering and installed a 5Kw Rooftop solar power system even before the government started providing subsidies. This has now drastically reduced his recurring expense of electricity bills. His monthly bill has come down from Rs. 8000-8500 back in 2013 to Rs. 1200-1300 in 2017! Since he and his wife are usually not home during the day, all the power generated during that period is used to charge their batteries and inverters. Their household appliances like ACs then run on solar power at night. Their refrigerator and water pumps run on solar during the day. Even when his house in Kailash Colony is full of guests, he can rest assured that his bills won’t cross Rs. 1500-2000 a month.

He was exceptionally happy with the services and assistance provided by BSES (Bombay Suburban Electric Supply) in installing his panels. BSES went out of their way to help get the panels activated, ensure a product of good quality is chosen and the installation is accurate. Mr. Rajpal recommends every individual who has free roof space should switch to solar energy. What makes his story extra amazing is how his motivation didn’t exhaust at solar installation. He changed the lighting in his house, making it more environmentally friendly, by replacing all the regular bulbs and lights with LEDs and installing inverter air conditioners. He even inspired three individuals to follow his footsteps and go solar. If this wasn’t inspiring enough, Mr. Rajpal has used the space below his panels to set up a small greenhouse where he grows organic vegetables. He is now a complete environmentalist, advocating healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choices. He once wanted to install a solar water heater. Today he runs his geyser on solar power.

Without a doubt, the road towards greener lifestyle is a beautiful one, urging one to go another extra mile. Such is the case of Mr. Rajpal, whose story, we are confident, will inspire you to go solar too!

In terms of saving the environment and beating the dirty coal-based electricity, installing rooftop solar may seem like a small effort. However, it clearly has cascading effects. The idea of rooftop solar has gone out like waves. Students keep coming back to share their parents’ willingness to put up solar panels on their homes.