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Vedic Gurukul Hails The Sun God

Over 80 years ago, when this gurukul was set up in 1934 not many people might have imagined that one day the Sun will bestow its sunlight upon the school in a more unconventional way.

Headed by Swami Pranavanand currently who thoroughly believes in the power of the Sun to generate electricity, the school set up a 10KW solar rooftop plant in 2015. The amount spent on this system was about Rs. 7 Lakh, an amount they are on the way to break even, considering the Rs. 40-60,000 per month that was being paid earlier for electricity. All 250+ students of this school in Delhi, are realising the importance of moving towards environmentally sustainable choices. They treat this as their religious duty to conserve as much electricity as possible and donate as much electricity as possible for the betterment of the fellow citizens.