Radiation survey - Fukushima

Page - March 24, 2011
A Greenpeace team of radiation experts is monitoring locations around the evacuation area that surrounds the crisis-stricken Fukushima/Daiichi nuclear plant. They're there to independently assess the true extent of radiation risks that the local population may be facing.

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TEPCO image of reactor 4

Since the beginning of the Fukushima nuclear crisis, the authorities have consistently appeared to underestimate both the risks and extent of radioactive contamination. We have come to Fukushima to bear witness to the impacts of this crisis and to provide some independent insight into the resulting radioactive contamination.

By providing honest, transparent and independent analysis of the threats to public health, we aim to provide an alternative to the often contradictory information released by nuclear regulators in the weeks since the Fukushima disaster began unfolding.

We will be in the Fukushima area to investigate and document the extent of the radioactive contamination and to bear witness to the imapcts that the people of Japan are subjected to because if the radiation.

Monitoring results - Map

View Map of Radiation Measurements by Greenpeace team in a larger map

Monitoring results - Data

We're posting raw data from our field teams here as we can.  Our team's priority is updating the map (above), and informing local communities, so there may be delays in publishing the raw data.  Our intention is to publish spreadsheets for all our monitoring work (though some may have to be published after the end of field work for logistical reasons). These will contain the same information as in the map.  By posting these spreadsheets, we hope to make it easier for people/institutions who want to use our data as part of their own research efforts.  (By combining it with government data for, example, or using it in ways we have not imagined.)

Use of this data
This data is released under an Open Data Commons Attribution license.  Please DO:  Re-publish, mash-up, re-mix, share and create new works from this data. Please DO: Cite us as the source and link to this page.  Please DO NOT: Imply that Greenpeace endorses your product or interpretation (we're only an original data source).


Team 1 - Gamma spectrometer output, 04 April 2011 (xls)

Team 2 - Field log, 04 April 2011 (xls)