Mr Prime Minister do not dodge the act to favour foreign nuclear suppliers

Prime Minister, put our safety first!

Yet again our government is favouring foreign nuclear vendors over the safety and interests of Indian people. The government is trying to dilute the Nuclear Liability Act, 2010 by nullifying the most important component of the Act which says that nuclear suppliers can be held liable in the event of an accident caused by defective equipment. If the government gets its way, foreign corporations wouldn’t be held accountable even if their products directly caused a nuclear catastrophe in our country.

Nuclear vendors and the US administration have been continually lobbying our government to remove the liability clause. On September 18 2013, Attorney General Goolam Vahanvati proposed circumventing the Nuclear Liability Act by writing into contracts that suppliers need not be liable. Our government seems to be buckling under international pressure.

India’s Nuclear Liability Act is one of the most progressive in the world, because it allows powerful corporations to be held liable for their faulty products that can cause nuclear accidents. If their products are flawed, it is unfair if the Indian taxpayer must foot enormous bills in the event of a disaster, while the company just rakes in the profits. Furthermore, the health and safety of our nation is at risk from nuclear contamination if we don’t have strong laws that hold suppliers accountable for their products.


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