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Drought blog

Neelima Vallangi travelled across the parched, drought-hit areas of Maharashtra for two weeks. She braved the scorching summer and the challenging commute to bring out the true stories of Maharashtra's worst drought in the last forty years. Read her blogs here.

  • Surviving the drought with stale rotis

    Blogpost by Neelima Vallangi - June 9, 2013 at 13:29

    A deer walks into a deserted looking village in NashikPointing at an overhead storage tank, the villagers told me the tank was constructed 10 years ago, yet has been empty till date and never supplied a drop of water to the people. We were in Talwade village in Yeola tehsil, Nasik district. Close to the ... Read more >

  • In Maharashtra, drought is causing migration to cities in large scale

    Blogpost by Neelima Vallangi - June 7, 2013 at 13:54
    A child plays outside an abandoned house in a drought-hit village in MaharashtraA child plays in front of a locked house whose residents have migrated.

    An old man was sitting on his front porch in the afternoon. The fields were barren and empty and so was the village. We were in a small village of Chandrod Taluka. Bapu Mogal, a ... Read more >

  • In the worst-hit district, death is the only fate for animals?

    Blogpost by Neelima Vallangi - June 5, 2013 at 11:00

    Drought hit area in NashikWhen I first reached Nasik, even during the hot summer, I could feel the pleasant morning breeze. Nasik, I am told has a nicer weather. Temperatures weren't as harsh as the other places I had visited during my time in the drought-hit regions of Mahara... Read more >

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