Sailing For Planet

Let's hear
it for some climate action now!

Climate Change affects each one of us - effects of which are not geographically bound. The Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior ship is arriving in India, to add momentum to this global debate. She highlights the necessity to work across national borders in fighting the biggest threat today to our existence - climate change.

The iconic crowdfunded ship, custom built to make it environmentally friendly, has been sailing the seven oceans and busting environmental crimes that happen in broad daylight but in hidden corners of the world. Sailing for 39 years now, her work is a reminder to each one of us, to have courage to stand up for the planet against all odds.

She's sailing to India




The ship, considered a symbol of hope, courage and environmental resilience, has been at the forefront of Global Environmental Campaigns since 1978 with individuals and communities coming on the ship to voice environmental issues Read more
The 16-member crew belonging to 14 countries welcomed on board local groups fighting environmental destruction in the state and listened patiently as they elaborated on the issues they are battling on the ground. Read more
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