Greenpeace India’s Finances

Page - April 6, 2016

Greenpeace India began its work by setting up Greenpeace Environment Trust (GPET) in 2001. The Trust is not registered under FCRA and can only receive contributions from Indian nationals and Indian entities. Individuals who initially supported the Trust continue to do so through regular donations which currently give us approximately Rs. 15 lakhs a month.

In 2002, a separate entity called the Greenpeace India Society (GPIS) was created and registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. This new entity, being a membership-based body, allowed for a much higher level of governance. It was therefore also registered under FCRA to allow Greenpeace India to secure foreign grants.

Both the Trust and the Society have similar objectives related to protecting India’s natural environment. However, as Greenpeace India’s campaigns grew in scope and impact, for the sake of efficiency and more transparency, most of our operations were carried out mainly through the Society and to a lesser extent through the Trust.

Greenpeace India Society’s Finances

Greenpeace Environment Trust’s Finances

Greenpeace India Finances 2015-16