Fundraising principles

Page - September 29, 2006

Greenpeace's worldwide activities are funded almost entirely by donations from individuals in many countries around the world, and by private foundation grants.

Greenpeace offices actively solicit funds to maximise long-term income to enable the organisation to achieve its global mission. The methods we use to raise funds comply with the professional codes of conduct and accepted good practice promoted by fundraising, marketing and advertising institutes in the countries we operate within. Greenpeace works actively to ensure transparency and public accountability in its campaigning, fundraising and financial management practices.

In raising funds, we accurately describe our activities and needs. Our policies and practices ensure that donations further our organisation's mission. As a matter of policy, we do not seek or accept funding from governments, corporations, political parties or multi-national governmental bodies such as the United Nations or the European Community, as this could compromise our independent status with regard to the environmental issues we represent. We reserve the right to refuse private donations that may compromise our independence, integrity or deflect from our campaign priorities, and large donations are screened for this purpose.

Fundraising Costs

Greenpeace worldwide works to maintain a proper balance between costs, revenue and quality, and to keep fundraising costs to an acceptable percentage of revenue. Fundraising costs are clearly specified in the annual accounts  of Greenpeace offices.

Donors' Rights

As per the principles outlined in the INGO Accountability Charter we respect the rights of donors: to be informed about causes for which we are fundraising; to be informed about how their donation is being used; for their personal information to be held confidentially and have their names deleted from mailing lists; to be informed of the status and authority of fundraisers; and to anonymity except in cases where the size of their donation is such that it might be relevant to our independence.