Climate Change = Water Crisis

Greenpeace activists queue up outside RBI to deposit water.

Feature story - July 17, 2009
DELHI, India — 25 Greenpeace activists queued up outside the Reserve Bank of India to deposit 100’s of pots of water for safe keeping to highlight the issue of the growing water crisis fuelled by climate change. The activists unfurled a banner with a message “Climate Change = water crisis” right out side the RBI main gate.

Greenpeace activists try and deposit water in the RBI to highlight one of the impacts of climate change - Water scarcity.

"Our government's response to the preparation required to address climate change stinks. At the rate the Gangotri is melting, it will soon vanish and dilli wallhs will soon have to take turns to bathe", said Nitin, Greenpeace campaigner tongue firmly in cheek. Delhi has received almost 60% less than the predicted rainfall this season. Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, and Chhattisgarh are not to far behind.

The Indian monsoon which is the lifeline of the subcontinent will be significantly affected by climate change, according to a Greenpeace paper titled 'Monsoon Wager: Climate change and the Indian Monsoon' (1). Stability and predictability of the monsoons are critical to India's economy society and ecology including our agriculture and food supply chain. Changes in the monsoon will have far reaching social and economic impacts.

The lives of millions of Indians, farmers, city dwellers, depend on the monsoon. Delhi has been at the receiving end of changing weather patterns with summers becoming hotter every year and monsoons very erratic and unpredictable. "The time has come for ordinary citizens to step forward and lead the war against the climate crisis. If our governments don't take immediate steps to tackle climate change, we will live to see the day when water will have to be deposited in the banks for safety" Said Nishant, a volunteer with Greenpeace.  

Greenpeace has launched a campaign called "Greenidol" across the country to engage with people and get them to sign a petition demanding a Renewable Energy Law. Since the 4th of June more than 35000 people have signed on. Greenpeace along with citizens will be presenting these petitions to the Prime Minister of India demanding for an ambitious central Renewable Energy Law in the country.

Notes to the Editor

1.  India's Monsoon Wager: Climate change and the Indian monsoon-

Preethi Herman, Greenpeace Communications, +91 99014 88482; Nitin George, Public Engagement Campaigner, Greenpeace +91 99587 99211,

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