GEAC – Protector or Perpetrator?

Feature story - March 7, 2005
NEW DELHI, India — The overwhelming evidence on the failure of Bt cotton in Andhra Pradesh and gross regulatory failure of Bt Cotton across the country has forced the GEAC not to renew Monsanto’s permission for Mech- 12, Mech- 162 and Mech –184 varieties introduced in 2002. This decision has been deferred for review to the 13th of April.

Say No to Genetic Engineering

However, the inconsistency of their decision is highlighted in having completely ignored the warning signals from the central and south Indian states, and hastily granting approval to 6 new Bt Cotton hybrids for north India.

By doing so they have shown themselves as being limited to an 'approval' committee, and as having no respect for the experiences and opinions of a diverse section of voices from civil society.

This decision is in clear violation of the precautionary principle as it fails to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of disaster in the fields.

This clearly vindicates the stand that a deep corporate-government nexus exists and in fact, has made it apparent that this has tainted even the highest levels of bureaucracy.

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