Green my Apple, Steve

Feature story - September 30, 2006
Here at Greenpeace, we love our Macs. But we hate the fact that they're full of toxic chemicals. And we know someone who can do something about it: you.

Does this belong to you? Apple e-waste in China.

We've seen the electronic graveyards in China and India where old electronic devices end up, Macs included.

We've seen children waist-deep in cables, keyboards and circuit boards picking through a soup of hazardous chemicals, including lead and mercury, to find components or bits of metal they can sell. We've seen them breathing in dioxins as the PVC cables and casings burn around them, watched them stop drinking from local wells polluted with heavy metals. Lives are being cut short for thousands of children in the developing world exposed to dangerous chemicals.

That's not what Apple is all about.

Apple knows more about simple, "clean" design than any other computer manufacturer on the planet. You'd expect Apple to be the world leader in clean environmental practice. But they're not.  Far from it. Apple products contain hazardous substances which other manufacturers have commited to stop using.  While Apple has introduced a limited take-back policy in the US, other companies have worldwide take-back and recycling programmes that are far better.

So who is going to make Apple change its ways?  You are.

Think different: Green my Apple

We decided to Think Different on this campaign.  We're not hanging banners off the Apple HQ or using our ships to blockade their supply chain or bungy-jumping into the next MacWorld.

Because we know a force that Apple listens to, and which can make Apple adopt clean production policies and improve its recycling programmes. It's Apple's customers.

Apple listens to the people who buy their product: it's one of the things we all love about them. 

And it's why we want you to run this campaign.  We want you to create the campaign T-shirt, pen the speech in which Steve Jobs announces the Greening of Apple, shoot the Apple Ad that sets Cupertino talking about clean production and take-back schemes. The Green my Apple website has all the information and the raw materials you need to get you started.  If you're creative, create. If you're networked, network. There's plenty to do, and many hands make light work.

Come on, Steve. Be a hero for the planet.

Good products and good design ought to be good for the planet. That's an Apple kind of attitude, isn't it? So have a word with Steve.  Let him know that you want clean ingredients in all Apple products. Let him know you want Apple to provide a free take-back program to reuse and recycle its products wherever they are sold -- and not just in the US.

Tell him how much you love your Mac, and how badly you want it to be green.

Take Action

Visit the Green my Apple site. Take part with the all new Green My Apple products: ProCreate, iPush, and mAct!

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