No More Hiroshimas

Feature story - August 3, 2005
BANGALORE, India — Anniversaries come and go. They mean very little to most of us. Most of the time they evoke nothing more than exasperation at the sight of a few people standing at a busy traffic island desperately trying to keep a few candles alight. Its easy to be indifferent and cynical but its important to remember that these anniversaries are about remembering. Every once in a way as a civilization we bear witness to something that shocks us out of complacency and forces us to take positions.

Few of the thousands of peace boats sent to us by supporters from all over the country.

This year Greenpeace is  commemorating  2 important anniversaries that are important for the peace and environmental movements across the world. The 20th anniversary of the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior and the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima Bombing. Both anniversaries commemorate events that clearly indicate utter disdain for the lives of common citizens, the arrogance and lack of respect to voices of protest and also are testimony to the grit and determination of people and organizations.

Its 20 years since the bombing of the S.V Rainbow Warrior by French agents in 1984 while campaigning for a Nuclear Free Pacific on July 10 1985. This act of state terror only strengthened our resolve and we continue with the message of 'You can't sink a Rainbow' The Rainbow warrior has been a symbol not only of this unique skill and capacity of the organization  but symbolizes the courage and spirit of non-violent struggle, hope and defiance in the face of the worst provocation.

Starting July 1st, 2005, we met people on the streets of 10 cities in India telling them the story of the Rainbow Warrior and reminding them of the horrors of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. People who believed in a nuclear free world stopped on the streets, struck up conversations, folded an origami paper boat and  wrote their message of peace addressed to the Prime Minister of India. We now have with us the messages from over 10,000 people who have rejected a world with Nuclear weapons. We also have with us boats that have been folded by over 20,000 children demanding a Nuclear Free Future  

On August 6th all these messages saying clearly  NO MORE HIROSHIMAS  will be handed over to the Prime Minister of India by Greenpeace activists and children from various schools from Delhi who were part of an intiative by Hindustan Times Pace. As a global organization with over 44 offices greenpeace has brought together messages from across the world appealing for a Nuclear Free Future.

The centerpiece of Greenpeace's Hiroshima 60 commemoration  activities is the Wings of Peace Activity in Hiroshima on 6 August. We have already received over 10,000 messages.  These messages will be printed on feathers and attached to 20 dove shaped balloons that will float in front of the Hiroshima Dome on the morning of 6 August.  This activity, which will take place between 8am and 10m Japan time, will accompany a small ceremony where we will pay our respects to the 60th Anniversary,  as well as reconfirm our commitment to peace and a nuclear free world.

We invite you to send your messages of peace and join this cyberaction to honor the dead and also celebrate the sprit of resistance and peace.

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To mark the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world is blogging for Greenpeace. Join in the discussion, add your voice to the peace and disarmament campaign, and help our working by making a pledge to Greenpeace...