Solidarity for Bhopal in Chennai

Feature story - February 21, 2004
CHENNAI, India — Chennai 21st Feb, 2004: Greenpeace activists demanding justice for the survivors of the Bhopal Gas Disaster were joined by the people of Chennai on 21st February 2004. Hundreds of people on Elliot’s Beach in Besant Nagar, Chennai, expressed their solidarity by signing on a banner that said “20 Years are Enough – Implead DOW in Bhopal Crimes. Survivors Demand Clean Water, Compensation, Site Clean-Up and Rehabilitation”.

Greenpeace also organized a slide show on the beach of "Exposure - Potraits of a Corporate Crime" an exhibition by eminent photographer Raghu Rai, to remind the people of Chennai of the horrific Union Carbide gas disaster of 1984. Earlier in the day, in a seminar titled "Environment and People" conducted at Loyola College, the Greenpeace film "Miles to Go" was screened for over 150 people. The audience included students from various colleges all over Tamil Nadu, representatives from the chemical industry, the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board and the Director of Environment, Tamil Nadu. In response to both, the film and the photo-exhibition, large numbers of students expressed their desire to 'do something for Bhopal' and signed on the banner in solidarity.

"No matter which city we visit with Exposure or Miles to Go, the response to Bhopal's ongoing tragedy is immense. The fact that the people of Bhopal are fighting for basic rights - clean air, clean water and most importantly, their right to life, cannot fail to evoke strong reactions from the audience. The film and the photo exhibition are tools that help us bring the voices of the people of Bhopal to diverse audiences, and inspire increasing numbers of people to join the struggle for Justice in Bhopal, especially in this, the year of the 20th anniversary of the disaster," said Vinuta Gopal, Campaigner, Greenpeace India.

For further information about the Bhopal campaign and the photo-exhibition, or for copies of the film Miles to Go, please contact:

Vinuta Gopal, Campaigner, Greenpeace India: +91 9845535418

Namrata Chowdhary, Media Officer, Greenpeace India:

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