The Esperanza has arrived!

Feature story - July 17, 2006
CHENNAI, India — A blue-white smudge on the horizon is enough to cause tremendous excitement amongst everyone on board the little fishing boat bobbing up and down in the waters off the coast of Chennai. As it draws closer, revealing the brightly painted body of the beautiful Esperanza, it makes it real for all of us – this is the moment we become part of the 'Defending our Oceans' voyage, Greenpeace' most ambitious expedition to date. Click here to join the Ocean Defenders Click here for the press release

Esperanza Arrives !

While the ship is docked at the Chennai Port for nearly a week (the tour ends on 20th July) she will receive hundreds of visitors keen to be part of the Esperanza's global 'Defending our Oceans' expedition – Greenpeace' most ambitious expedition to date.


The expedition was launched in November 2005, when the Esperanza set sail from Cape Town in South Africa , heading to the Southern Ocean to expose the slaughter of whales under the guise of scientific research. The ship has arrived in India from the Mediterranean region, where it highlighted the disappearance of blue-fin tuna. As the Esperanza continues her expedition, she will sail four of the world's five oceans (with the sole exception of the Arctic Ocean) to bring into focus the urgent need to set in place protective measures to conserve marine ecosystems before they are irretrievably destroyed. Click here to see a route map


Over the course of the expedition, the Esperanza has confronted Japanese whalers, explored deep sea life in the Azores and exposed pirate fishing in West Africa. Now in India for the first time ever (we've hosted the Rainbow Warrior and the Arctic Sunrise before, but not the Esperanza) the ship will help us highlight the fragile beauty and vulnerability of India's coastal and marine ecosystems.


Have you signed up yet?

Helping the crew of the Esperanza in each of its campaigns, is a motley group of Ocean Defenders, people from all across the world who are tracking the expedition virtually and lending their voices to the call to defend our oceans.

We're aiming to get one million Ocean Defenders by the end of the expedition. Not just because that's an impressive number, but because it lends immense credence to our message that together, we can pressure governments, corporations and the UN to protect our oceans and the animals, plants and peoples that depend on them.

If you haven't signed up to be an Ocean Defender yet, simply visit the Ocean Defenders home page, and fill up a simple form. It won't take you more than a few minutes, but it will make an immense difference to oceans that have supported life for centuries before you, and help preserve them for generations after you.

Your contributions help us take on ambitious projects. We thank all our supporters who have made this expedition possible. If you would like to contribute to our work, please click here to be taken to the Donate section.