Vote for a Clean, Green India

Feature story - March 1, 2004
BANGALORE, India — As we head towards the 14th Lok Sabha elections and we challenge political contenders from various parties to show actual concern for their electorate and the environment that they live in. We also invite the people of India to get their future political leaders to make a commitment for a cleaner environment.

Greenpeace has begun an Election Campaign to highlight the step motherly treatment meted out by politicians to environmental concerns in their manifestoes and later in the offices they hold.

The fact that environment is not a major issue in the various election manifestoes shows a lack of concern for a development strategy that is truly sustainable and equitable.

The need to create a path that ensures industries do not pollute, that people harmed by pollution are fairly recompensed, that polluting industries are treated as criminals, that our unique agricultural biodiversity and practices are not destroyed by dangerous agricultural techniques and that there are no patents on life.

Greenpeace invites the electorate to make the environment an integral part of the 2004 election. Greenpeace calls upon young voters to confront their candidates and ensure that if elected they will put in place mechanisms that will - Stop abuse of our lakes and rivers from industrial pollution and set stage for shift to clean production.

Ban Pesticides and GM crops and promote sustainable agricultural practices. Stop dirty energy development and promote clean and renewable energy. No patents on life and protect our biodiversity.

Hold corporations accountable and Implement all national and international laws to protect our environment.

You could Ring up candidates and ask them their opinions on local environmental problems.You could write to your news paper pointing to environmental problems faced by your community. Your community representatives could hold a debate between contesting candidates and see where they stand on local environmental issues.