Wipro marches ahead of Dell and Samsung to the Toxics free punch

Feature story - February 4, 2010
In a classis case of David and Goliath, one of India’s biggest IT service provider (but relatively small PC manufacturing company), Wipro, has beaten giants like Dell, Samsung, Lenovo and LGE to the finish line in producing a computer, which is first major electronic product in India, free of worst toxic chemicals. This announcement marks another clear success for our green electronics campaign driving tech companies around the world to clean up their products.

A man takes a break in this workshop-living quarters, surrounded by heaps of electronic scrap.

The computer named "Greenware"  is completely free of both hazardous PVC (polyvinylchloride) and BFR (brominated flame retardants) including Power Chords, a longtime demand of Greenpeace. Greenware will cover 15% of Wipro's total PC produtc portfolio.

In the race to produce greener electronic products Wipro joins biggies like Apple, HP and Nokia who are leading the way on eliminating toxic chemicals. It took several years of campaigning for Greenpeace to obtain this result(Greenpeace has been campaigning since the year 2005 for greener electronics), and we are delighted to see that more companies are realising that greener computers are vital.

2010 is the year many electronics companies pledged to remove toxic chemicals like PVC and BFRs. Those that took this pledge to the public seriously such as Apple, HP, Acer and now Wipro are now delivering the same. Other companies that are far bigger than Wipro in the global market such as Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and LGE are failing to deliver what they promised.

Wipro, a rather small electronics manufacturing brand in global market, is therefore doing what industry giants like Dell and Samsung have failed to do - prioritise taking its responsibility for a healthier planet. In the last ranking, Samsung lost points for failing to give a clear timeline for removing toxic chemicals, and so did other giants like Dell. We are thrilled to see there are some leaders in the industry willing to show that tech and toxic don't necessarily go hand in hand.

E-waste in India

Toxic waste is a particular concern in India along with other Asian countries like China as a lot of the waste produced in developed countries ends up being dumped here for crude recycling. Poor regulations and control enable a traffic that is essentially illegal.


These toxic chemicals are more often than not handled by children and poor workers who cannot protect themselves.

The current initiative by Wipro  will add value to the on-going e-waste law process where Wipro along with other  Indian electronic producer HCL are at forefront of  leading the industry on their active lobby work for e-waste rule and voluntary action on e-waste management in the country. This new initiative will definitely set the new horizon on toxic free computer manufacturing in Indian and global market.

Now it's time for Wipro to use its leadership to steer the Industry towards low carbon economy and high efficiency standards