Historical and future seismicity near Jaitapur, India

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Publication - November 30, 2011
Here's a commentary on historical and future seismicity of the region of Jaitapur in Maharashtra. The article has been written by Roger Bilham and Vinod K. Gaur and was published in Current Science Vol. 101, No. 10, on November 25, 2011.

Jaitapur has been choosen as the site for one of the biggest nuclear power plants in the country. The people of Jaitapur, scientists and civil society have been opposing this plant in their village, but the government is not listening to them.

Like the Fukushima in Japan, which saw a nuclear meltdown in early 2011, Jaitapur is also in earthquake-prone zone. This makes the presence of a nuclear plant in this area very dangerous.

In the commentary below, Roger Bilhan and Vinod K. Gaur explain that Jaitapur's seismic quietness does not mean that the region is not prone to earthquakes.

Read the commentary to find out more.

Historical and future seismicity near Jaitapur, India