Living Soils: Concept Note

Publication - September 25, 2010
When you look at the soil, it may seem like lifeless clay and rocks. But in fact it is very much alive. Millions of small organisms live in healthy soil which is rich in organic matter. Some of them are big enough to see, such as earthworms and small insects. But, most of them are so small that you can only see them if you use a microscope. These microscopic organisms include nematodes (tiny worms), bacteria, fungi and even some insects which are invisible to the naked eye. These living organisms make soil alive and give it a good structure and texture. A living soil ecosystem nurtures and nourishes plants by providing a healthy medium to take roots and through a steady supply of nutrients

“Living Soils” aims to critically review the major soil fertility management support systems of Central Government, using social audit as a tool, basically to examine their capability to solve the soil degradation 2 crisis. It will also have awareness programmes during the project period which lasts for 45 days in a location.