Future of Rice - Executive Summary

Publication - November 15, 2006
This report by Greenpeace is put together by Dr Emerlito Borromeo ( PhD degree in genetics), and Dr Debal Deb ( Ph .D . in Ecology) . The report raises fundamental questions on genetic engineering in agriculture -Do these high tech rice varieties offer massive increases in yield or are they really a magic bullet that prevents diseases or pests? Do they offer long-term reductions in chemical and fertiliser use that will improve the environment, the quality of food or the health of farm workers? As this report makes clear, the answer is no, GE is no magic bullet and will cause more problems than it can possibly solve.

Future of Rice - 2006

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Executive summary: The report looks at real, cutting edge solutions that take advantage of new technologies such as marker assisted selection, of farmer knowledge, the diversity of rice varieties and the ecological realities of rice growing areas. Some of the solutions, such as mixed farming systems, not only solve pest and disease problems but create additional sources of income and food for farmers and communities.