Memorandum to the President

Publication - March 22, 2005
The Supreme Court of India has repeatedly ordered closure of factories across the country for violating pollution control norms, but unfortunately nothing has changed - the government is both apathetic to the peoples' demands and seemingly unable to implement the directives of the highest court of the country. Greenpeace and community activists submitted this memorandum to the President, demanding that the Government take immediate action and:

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Executive summary: · Provide piped clean drinking water to the communities whose water resources have been polluted. · Shut down Polluting Factories violating Supreme Court's directives on Hazardous Waste management (Order and Judgement dated 14 October 2003 in writ petition 687 of 1995) · Rehabilitate Pollution impacted Workers, Communities and remediate their Environment and ensure that the guilty corporations take full responsibility and bear liability for the costs of the same. · Revamp the Pollution Control Boards both at the Centre and the State level to ensure transparency, rigor and honesty.

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