Toxic Chemicals in Computers Exposed

Publication - September 18, 2006
This study was conducted by Greenpeace to gain information on the presence of certain hazardous substances in a range of laptop computers, and to investigate testing methodologies for verifying their presence or absence. Five popular brands of laptop computer were purchased in Europe by Greenpeace in March 2006, and the presence of certain hazardous substances was investigated in a wide variety of internal and external components.

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Executive summary: Concerns have recently grown over the use of hazardous chemicals in the manufacture of consumer goods, including the rapidly growing sector of electrical and electronic equipment. Some products, including computers, can contain heavy metals and other hazardous chemicals. The ongoing manufacture of electrical/electronic equipment incorporating such chemicals has the potential to impact on the environment and human health as a result of the manufacture, use and disposal of these products.

Num. pages: 20