Teju Erappa

Page - August 18, 2016

1.When and how did you first hear about Greenpeace?
I wanted to study further after under graduation. My cousin from my native came down to give an interview with Grenpeace and i went along with her as moral support. To gain exposure I gave the interview but not with the intention to join. In the end my cousin didn't get the job where as i did :)

2. What were you doing before you joined Greenpeace?
I was studying mass communication.

3. When did you start working with Greenpeace?
July 2009 i joined fund raising as a tele caller, today it's been 7 years. And i didn't even realise.

4. Why did you decide to work with Greenpeace?
Honestly in the beginning I didn't know what i was getting into, because at that time i had just given my under graduation exams and i happen to join Greenpeace. When i first found out that it's an environmental group fighting climate change, trying to save the planet, all that i knew is at the least this place might make me a better person. And so it did in a big way i think..!

5. Please describe in detail the work that you currently do at Greenpeace?
Greenpeace has been founded on the Bearing Witness and Non-Violent Direct Actions. I work with the climate and energy team, doing research, strategy, planning and use the ideals of Bearing Witness and NVDA to move the campaign forward.

6. What has been your most memorable moment at GP?
Well there are many. But i will tell you about the 2 best for me. First would be when the decision on granting Stage 2 forest clearance for Mahan coal block was likely to come in 2014. The community in Mahan, Mahan Sangharsh Samiti came down to challenge and question the company to give them peace and not mine in Mahan. They have been relying on the forests for decades for their survival. Greenpeace has been working in that region for over 4 years supporting and empowering the community there. Post which the supreme court deallocated the Mahan coal block and today the community is inspiring many others who are facing the same problem.Greenpeace has been involved in protecting the rights of forest communities and promote clean energy.

Second would be when as an activist I scaled up the 120 ft building in February 2013 along with other activists who was like minded, to highlight the poor food distribution system and the government's willingness to adopt genetically modified crops. This one definitely has been a long fight, even today they are still saying that we might have GM mustard on our plates soon enough. But if the whole country stands together to fight and to protect their food then we might be able to keep them away.

7. What do you like about working for GP?
Greenpeace is an independent organisation working towards the protection of the environment and the people. It is a bold organisation striving hard to make that change, and I am glad that I am part of this group for the very same reasons.

8. Personally, how do you feel working here has changed you as a person?
There is a lot that Greenpeace has taught me, so many lessons learnt (in a good way :) This is my first job and I have stayed on for 7 years. But Greenpeace has changed me in many ways for a life time.

9. If you were to describe your day at work, how would describe it?
I have played multiple roles in this organisation and I am glad it gave me many opportunities. Every day is different and there's always so much to learn.

10. What would you say to someone who is considering applying for a job at GP?
This is the definitely the place for people with passion and enthusiasm. Greenpeace gives that space and freedom to learn and explore. And of course Greenpeace will give you an opportunity to work with some great people :)