Download the data

One of the main barriers to preventing further loss of Indonesian forests and peatlands is the availability of up-to-date maps. Without this information in the public domain, in a format that can be analysed alongside other data sets, it is impossible to monitor how well government or company policies are being implemented.

That is why these maps have been published and why as much of the data as possible is available to download in a suitable format. The one exception is the coal concessions data set which, for copyright reasons, cannot be made available for the time being.

The disclaimer explains that, while we have made every effort to make the files as accurate as possible, Greenpeace can make no guarantee of the accuracy of the data and warns against the use of these maps for financial or other important decisions. Use of this data is at the user’s risk, and by downloading any of these data files, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

All other data is provided by Global Forest Watch and can be downloaded from their website.