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Indonesian authorities evict climate defenders under pressure from forest criminals

Berita | 15 Nopember, 2009 di 15:05

The Indonesian police authorities, under orders from the Governor of Riau Province, will today begin the eviction of Greenpeace activists and local community members participating in the Climate Defenders camp on the threatened Kampar Peninsula...

Stop talking, start acting ­ save the forests for our future

Berita | 21 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

Hundreds of Greenpeace activists and supporters from several of Java’s main cities today rallied in support of President Yudhoyono¹s international commitment to reduce carbon emissions from Indonesia. They called for his promise to be immediately...

Fight to end deforestation continues

Berita | 30 Nopember, 2009 di 14:02

More than one thousand people yesterday flocked to Greenpeace’s Climate Defenders Camp in the heart of the Sumatran rainforest, for a ceremony to mark the handing over of the camp to local communities. The colourful, inspiring ceremony at the...

Climate defenders to stay; Police reverses eviction order under pressure from communities

Berita | 15 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

In a surprising move, the chief of police of Pelalawan district revoked an earlier order of Governor of Riau to evict Greenpeace activists participating in the Climate Defenders camp on the threatened Kampar Peninsula and has permitted them to...

Greenpeace sets up base in Indonesia rainforest to prevent climate destruction

Berita | 27 Oktober, 2009 di 6:00

Greenpeace announced today that it has set up base in the heart of the Indonesian rainforest and will remain there for several weeks in order to bring urgent attention to the role that deforestation plays in driving dangerous climate change, a...

Greenpeace welcomes President Yudhoyono as the leader who will save our climate

Berita | 20 Oktober, 2009 di 5:00

Greenpeace today delivered a letter and a bouquet of flowers to congratulate President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on his inauguration for his second presidential term, and for declaring his intention to take leadership in the battle against climate...

Greenpeace will continue fight for Kampar Protection despite camp burning down

Berita | 12 April, 2010 di 5:00

Greenpeace stated that the burning down of the Climate Defenders Camp in Riau’s Kampar Peninsula this weekend will not stop it from campaigning with the local community to stop the destruction of the area’s forests and carbon-rich peatlands. The...

Inglourious treehuggers dam climate change!

Berita | 4 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

If we told you that there was one single way to cut a fifth of global greenhouse emissions - that simply involved hugging trees - would you believe us? Probably not - but that's exactly what's required. And we've got 50 activists in the...

Global paper giant cancels APRIL contract to stop Indonesia rainforest destruction

Berita | 13 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

Even as Greenpeace activists, who took direct action on Thursday to stop the destruction of peatlands in the Kampar peninsula by Asia Pacific Resources International Holding Limited (APRIL), are being detained by the police in Indonesia, the...

Plantations are not Forests

Berita | 11 Maret, 2010 di 6:00

Greenpeace activists scaled the Ministry of Forestry building in South Jakarta today and unfurled a giant banner reading “Plantations are not forests”. Greenpeace, along with a number of environmental and civil society organisations, have...

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