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Kit Kat Easter Egg Card

Halaman | 5 April, 2010 di 10:25

Help us spread the word about the Kit Kat campaign - send an Easter themed E-card to your friends and family!

Kit Kat Easter Bunny Card

Halaman | 1 April, 2010 di 23:48

Help us spread the word about the Kit Kat campaign - send an Easter themed E-card to your friends and family!

Nestlé needs to give rainforests a break

Berita | 18 Maret, 2010 di 0:35

Need a break? Before you have one with a Kit Kat watch this video – 'Have a break?' We need your help to get the rainforests a break and to help you spread the word we’ve launched this video spoof. It exposes the true cost behind having a break...

Caught Red-Handed: How Nestlé's Use of Palm Oil is Having a Devastating Impact on...

Laporan | 17 Maret, 2010 di 6:00

Nestlé is using palm oil from destroyed Indonesian rainforests and peatlands, in products like Kit Kat, pushing already endangered orang-utans to the brink of extinction and accelerating climate change. This report exposes how Nestlé is sourcing...

Greenpeace Persembahkan ‘Piala Dunia Penghancuran Hutan’ pada SBY

Berita | 26 Januari, 2010 di 6:00

Aktivis Greenpeace hari ini mempersembahkan “Piala Dunia Penghancuran Hutan” kepada Presiden Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, di luar gedung Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Jakarta, dimana Piala Dunia sepak bola ‘Jules Rimet’ asli sedang...

Greenpeace presents ‘World Cup of Forest Destruction’ to SBY

Berita | 26 Januari, 2010 di 6:00

Greenpeace activists today presented the ‘World Cup of Forest Destruction’ to Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, outside the Jakarta Convention Centre, where the real Jules Rimet Trophy is on public display.

Aktivis Greenpeace

Gambar | 11 Desember, 2009 di 6:00

Aktivis Greenpeace, termasuk dua orang berkostum Orangutan, hari ini membentangkan banner bertuliskan "Pak Zulkifli Hasan - Hentikan Penjahat Hutan" di depan pintu masuk Kantor Kementerian Kehutanan, Jakarta. Greenpeace menyerahkan hasil laporan...

Greenpeace exposes Sinar Mas’s illegal deforestation activities; demands suspension...

Siaran Pers | 10 Desember, 2009 di 6:00

Greenpeace today presented new evidence exposing illegal forest clearing by Sinar Mas group in Kalimantan and has called on Indonesian President to order the suspension of all its operations. Sinar Mas is already notorious for its involvement in...

EU leaders must help SBY to protect Indonesia’s forests: Greenpeace

Berita | 28 Oktober, 2009 di 6:00

Greenpeace activists placed two 20 x 50 meter banners with the portraits of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicholas Sarkozy on recently cleared peat land in Sumatra, ahead of the European Union leaders summit that begins in...

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