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SHUTDOWN! Forest destruction blocked by Greenpeace to save the climate

Berita | 14 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

While politicians continue to talk, we're taking action at the frontline of forest and climate destruction in Indonesia. Barack Obama is about to arrive in Asia for his first official visit while the US continues to block progress ahead of the...

"Indonesia is climate change's 'ground zero'"

Berita | 12 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

As Barack Obama arrives in Asia for his first visit to the region as President and while the United States continues to block progress ahead of the critical UN climate negotiations at Copenhagen next month, a 50-strong international team of...

Inglourious treehuggers dam climate change!

Berita | 4 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

If we told you that there was one single way to cut a fifth of global greenhouse emissions - that simply involved hugging trees - would you believe us? Probably not - but that's exactly what's required. And we've got 50 activists in the...

Greenpeace sets up base in Indonesia rainforest to prevent climate destruction

Berita | 27 Oktober, 2009 di 6:00

Greenpeace announced today that it has set up base in the heart of the Indonesian rainforest and will remain there for several weeks in order to bring urgent attention to the role that deforestation plays in driving dangerous climate change, a...

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