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Climate Defenders Camp

Halaman | 16 Nopember, 2009 di 15:44

The Greenpeace Climate Defenders Camp is in the heart of the Indonesian rainforest where activists will remain for several weeks in order to bring urgent attention to the role that deforestation plays in driving dangerous climate change.

Inglourious treehuggers dam climate change!

Berita | 4 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

If we told you that there was one single way to cut a fifth of global greenhouse emissions - that simply involved hugging trees - would you believe us? Probably not - but that's exactly what's required. And we've got 50 activists in the...

Global paper giant cancels APRIL contract to stop Indonesia rainforest destruction

Berita | 13 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

Even as Greenpeace activists, who took direct action on Thursday to stop the destruction of peatlands in the Kampar peninsula by Asia Pacific Resources International Holding Limited (APRIL), are being detained by the police in Indonesia, the...

Success at Climate Defenders Camp

Berita | 25 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

Our activists at the Climate Defenders Camp in Indonesia have had an tough time lately. Many of them have been arrested, interrogated and deported - along with independent journalists. At one point police even tried to shut down the entire camp.

Greenpeace aktivis mengunci diri di 7 excavator

Gambar | 13 Nopember, 2009 di 10:34

Greenpeace aktivis mengunci diri di 7 excavator yang dimiliki Asia Pacific Resources International Holding Limited (APRILRGE), Perusahaan pulp dan paper terbesar di Indonesia, yang sedang melakukan penghancuran hutan untuk tanaman industri.

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