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Selamat Ulang Tahun Protokol Kyoto – Para Remaja Mengigatkan pada Perjajian Perubahan...

Berita | 14 Desember, 2007 di 6:00

Kelompok Remaja dari Greenpeace “Solar Generation” Hari ini menyerukan kepada seluruh dunia untuk memperingati Protokol Kyoto pada tanggal 10 Desember 2007- dengan Membawa kue raksasa sebesar 1.5 meter dengan tiga tingkat di dalam ruang...

Greenpeace tackles climate change at frontline of Indonesian rainforest destruction

Siaran Pers | 3 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

This morning, fifty Greenpeace activists took action to prevent the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests and called on world leaders to end global deforestation, which is responsible for about a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions (1). The...

Indonesian Forest Ministry halts APRIL’s forest destruction on Kampar

Berita | 19 Nopember, 2009 di 6:00

Greenpeace today welcomed Indonesia’s Forest Minister, Mr. Zulkifli Hasan’s, statement ordering APRIL (RAPP) to halt its forest clearing activities on the carbon-rich peatlands of the Kampar Peninsula, Riau, Sumatra, pending review of their permits.

Cattle industry ban on Amazon destruction shows the way for protection of Indonesia’s...

Berita | 7 Oktober, 2009 di 5:00

Some good news from the Amazon should be good news for Indonesia too. Yesterday four of the biggest players in the global cattle industry joined forces to reduce their carbon hoofprint and back our call for zero deforestation. JBS-Friboi, Bertin,...

Another nail in the coffin for Nuclear plans in Indonesia

Berita | 10 Juli, 2009 di 5:00

Greenpeace welcomes the weekend decision of Indonesia’s largest Muslim organisation, Nahdlatul Ulama, (NU), that nuclear power is haram (forbidden) on the island of Madura, East Java. The NU was responding to plans by BATAN, Indonesia’s nuclear...

Papuans act to protect forests and fight climate change

Siaran Pers | 23 Juli, 2009 di 5:00

A Papua civil society coalition today launched an action plan to tackle the threat of increasing deforestation in Papua Province, home to Indonesia’s last remaining intact tracts of tropical rainforest. The coalition, including Greenpeace, Papua...

An open letter to Barack Obama

Berita | 17 Desember, 2009 di 14:26

Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, writes to Barack Obama on the eve of his departure for Copenhagen for the COP15 climate talks.

‘Endangered forest species’ visit Environment Ministry

Siaran Pers | 8 April, 2010 di 17:18

Following President Yudyhono’s press statement on the need for greater action on environmental protection, ‘endangered forest species’ today visited the Ministry of the Environment to call on the government agency to “Enforce the law and protect...

Greenpeace University welcomes its 2nd batch of future environmental leaders

Siaran Pers | 23 Juni, 2010 di 5:00

Greenpeace University (GPU), a pioneering initiative that seeks to foster young environmental leaders, welcomed its new batch of activist students this week. The project, now on its second year as Greenpeace is set to mark its tenth anniversary...

Yudhoyono, First Stop Forest Fires: Greenpeace

Berita | 3 Agustus, 2009 di 5:00

Greenpeace demanded President Yudhoyono take urgent action to tackle the latest spate of forest fires. Forest fires are raging across Indonesia, with Riau Province in Sumatra, West and Central Kalimantan and parts of Sulawesi being hardest hit -...

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