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Pole and Line - A Fisherman's Story

Halaman | 11 Desember, 2012 di 22:30

Fishing is a way of life in the Maldives. It is the lifeblood of village life and using a traditional pole and line method, tuna is caught sustainably, one-by-one, ensuring fish for future generations.


Halaman | 14 Oktober, 2010 di 17:00


The trash vortex

Halaman | 3 September, 2009 di 13:31


Halaman | 8 Februari, 2010 di 13:50

Jadilah Suara. Jadilah Solusi. Mari Beraksi.

Siaran Pers

Halaman | 8 April, 2010 di 16:50

Definition of IUU fishing

Halaman | 14 Oktober, 2010 di 18:00

Illegal fishing takes place where vessels operate in violation of the laws of a fishery. This can apply to fisheries that are under the jurisdiction of a coastal state or to high seas fisheries regulated by regional organisations.


Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:41

Hook-and-line is a general term used for a range of fishing methods that employ short fishing lines with hooks in one form or another (as opposed to long-lines). It includes hand-lines, hand-reels, powered reels, rod/pole-and-line, drop lines,...

Pelagic long-lines

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:42

Long-lines consist of short lines (called snoods) carrying baited hooks, attached at regular intervals to a longer main line that is laid on the bottom or suspended horizontally with the help of surface floats. Main lines can be over 150 km long...

Pelagic gillnets

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:42

Pelagic gillnets or ‘set nets’ are fine-filament nets that are kept at or below the surface by numerous floats and weights and held in position by anchors. If a fish’s head goes through the net but its body can’t follow, it is ‘gilled’ or...

Purse seines

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:43

Fish are encircled by a large ‘wall’ of net, which is then brought together to retain the fish by using a line at the bottom that enables the net to be closed like a purse.

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