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The trash vortex

Halaman | 3 September, 2009 di 13:31


Halaman | 8 Februari, 2010 di 13:50

Jadilah Suara. Jadilah Solusi. Mari Beraksi.

Pole and Line - A Fisherman's Story

Halaman | 11 Desember, 2012 di 22:30

Fishing is a way of life in the Maldives. It is the lifeblood of village life and using a traditional pole and line method, tuna is caught sustainably, one-by-one, ensuring fish for future generations.

Siaran Pers

Halaman | 8 April, 2010 di 16:50

Demands on labelling

Halaman | 16 Maret, 2009 di 19:01

In many countries, seafood labelling is poor, making it impossible for customers to trace where the fish they buy comes from, and what method was used to catch it. Sometimes, it is even difficult to tell which species is present in the product or...

Browse Greenpeace Blacklist

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Shipping and Tourism

Halaman | 9 Mei, 2009 di 22:26

Antarctic tourism has been growing at a rapid pace for well over a decade, with more than 40,000 tourists visiting Antarctica in the 2007/2008 season.


Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:41

Hook-and-line is a general term used for a range of fishing methods that employ short fishing lines with hooks in one form or another (as opposed to long-lines). It includes hand-lines, hand-reels, powered reels, rod/pole-and-line, drop lines,...

Pelagic trawls

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:43

The front net sections are often made of very large meshes or ropes, which herd the fish towards the back of the funnel-shaped net. Pelagic trawls may be towed by one or two (pair trawl) boats.

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