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Pole and Line - A Fisherman's Story

Halaman | 11 Desember, 2012 di 22:30

Fishing is a way of life in the Maldives. It is the lifeblood of village life and using a traditional pole and line method, tuna is caught sustainably, one-by-one, ensuring fish for future generations.


Halaman | 14 Oktober, 2010 di 17:00


The trash vortex

Halaman | 3 September, 2009 di 13:31


Halaman | 8 Februari, 2010 di 13:50

Jadilah Suara. Jadilah Solusi. Mari Beraksi.

Siaran Pers

Halaman | 8 April, 2010 di 16:50

Definition of IUU fishing

Halaman | 14 Oktober, 2010 di 18:00

Illegal fishing takes place where vessels operate in violation of the laws of a fishery. This can apply to fisheries that are under the jurisdiction of a coastal state or to high seas fisheries regulated by regional organisations.

Pots and traps

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:41

Pots, traps or ‘creels’ include a variety of designs that take the form of cages or baskets with one or more openings or entrances, with or without bait. They are usually set on the seabed, either singly or in rows, and are connected by ropes...

Bottom long-lines

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:42

Long-lines consist of short lines (called snoods) carrying hooks, attached at regular intervals to a longer main line that is laid on, or close to, the seabed. Main lines are up to 150 km long and can carry several thousand hooks.

Bottom gillnets

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:42

Bottom gillnets or ‘set nets’ are fine-filament nets, the lower edge of which touch the seabed, and are held in place by numerous floats, weights and anchors. If a fish’s head goes through the net but its body can’t follow, it is ‘gilled’ or...

Purse seines

Halaman | 17 Juni, 2008 di 13:43

Fish are encircled by a large ‘wall’ of net, which is then brought together to retain the fish by using a line at the bottom that enables the net to be closed like a purse.

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