Greenpeace welcomes President Yudhoyono as the leader who will save our climate

Berita - 20 Oktober, 2009
Greenpeace today delivered a letter and a bouquet of flowers to congratulate President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on his inauguration for his second presidential term, and for declaring his intention to take leadership in the battle against climate change by reducing Indonesia’s greenhouse emissions by 21 percent by 2020.

Greenpeace activists welcome SBY's second term as President of Indonesia and call on him to save the climate by immediately halting deforestation in front of presidential palace.

Greenpeace called upon President Yudhoyono to personally attend the crucial Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December and honor his commitments while prioritizing the implementation of a moratorium on deforestation in his hundred-day program. Such a Presidential declaration would be legally enforceable and a necessary step to protect Indonesia's forests and peat lands effectively.

As one of the most important leaders in South East Asia - the region recognized as one of the most exposed and least prepared for the impacts of climate change, President Yudhoyono's pledge, when turned into action, will herald the much needed co-operation between the developed and developing world on funding for mitigation and adaptation for climate change.

"As President of the country with the largest remaining tropical forests in the region and therefore, with most to lose, his words are a sign of hope for the millions of people who are already suffering the impacts of climate change and the region's rich biodiversity," wrote Von Hernandez, Executive Director Greenpeace Southeast Asia in the letter.

At last month's G20 meeting in Pittsburg, US, President Yudhoyono pledged a 26% cut in Indonesia's carbon emissions by 2020 - rising to 41% with international support. By doing so he demonstrated Indonesia's willingness and the kind of strong leadership that is critical to helping the world avoid climate chaos.

As part of his presidency Greenpeace expects President Yudhoyono to turn his G20 commitment into reality by outlining concrete steps to implement a national plan that should ultimately lead to a carbon-neutral, sustainable development with zero deforestation.

In doing so, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will make history as a President, and the global leader, who was responsible for stopping the irreversible impacts of runaway climate change.

"Greenpeace wishes President Yudhoyono good luck in his endeavor to do the right thing for the people of Indonesia and use the historic opportunity presented to him to do the right thing for all living things on the planet," the letter concluded.