Community decides to reject commercial logging and oil palm plantations, and manage their own forest.
NGO’s can help facilitate community management processes and provide assistance and advice including training and certification support.
Organise roles and responsibilities, who needs to be included and at what level. Agree on their vision and the goals of their eco-forestry enterprise.
Awane clan genealogy plan

Genealogy must be undisputed & the clans involved may be legally registered as Incorporated Land Groups.

Land use map of Tavolo and surrounding areaWhole community gets involved in mapping their land for its resources, current and future use, and agrees on land use zones.

Together with the adjoining landowners, walk with GPS and mark the agreed external land boundaries and boundaries of the land use zones.

©Harry Ngopngop & forcert Who needs to be involved in which workshops? Workshops are given by NGO partners depending on what is required for each community, e.g. principles of eco-forestry, FSC regulations, bookkeeping, chainsaw maintenance etc.
A forest management plan helps you to protect your forest and plan your eco-forestry operation, marking timber production and conservation areas.
Get sawmilling equipment through a commercial loan, from community savings, a lease/purchase agreement or a revolving fund.
using the millPrepare the area; Select the trees for harvesting. Fell the trees in controlled way, minimising damage to the rest of the forest. Preparing the log and setting up the mill. Milling the timber. Grading, marking and recording. Transporting and safely storing the timber. Sending the timber to the market.
In addition to the above steps that form the foundation for FSC certification, the formal membership of a group scheme and meeting all the standards is required with the support of certification support partners such as FORCERT.
The management of the eco-enterprise reports regularly on income and expenditures of the operation to the whole community. Transparency and openness is key to ensure everyone in the village is clear about the flow of money and knows how their community business is doing.