Herakles Farms is focused on large-scale sustainable agricultural projects in Africa.

We believe in sustainability and consider ourselves environmentalists.

Our team is committed to developing a long-term sustainable project partnership with the people of Cameroon to address dire humanitarian needs. To facilitate this we believe - when necessary - in employing intimidation and corruption to overcome any misguided local opposition to our project.

After operating illegally in Cameroon for more than three years, Herakles Farms is proud to announce that we have obtained a three-year temporary land lease for 20,000 hectares of land in South West province.

This is a fair way short of the 99-year lease on 73,000 hectares that we long-promised investors. But we are sure our close relationship with the Cameroonian authorities will help us overcome that hiccup.

As a world-renowned proponent of sustainability and food security we have attracted several prominent investors.

Investors who have contributed start-up funds to the project include Justin Patterson, Managing Member at Harkin Value Partners, a dining expert who “is intimately acquainted with both herbivorous eating and excellent meat”.

We request your investment to help us prop up and sustain this visionary project.

We take advantage of discrete financial services such as the use of tax havens, favourable import-export regulations and artificially inflated investment projections to limit your liabilities – and ours.

Herakles Farms partnered to the non-profit organisation All for Africa (AFA). AFA has made use of global figures including Bill Clinton to project our vision of sustainability in agriculture, clean water, community health, education, energy, environmental impact, micro-financing and skills training/livelihood creation.

AFA also plans to support climate change in innovative and unique ways, such as razing and replacing pristine forests with oil palms that we expect will qualify for trade-worthy carbon storage credits - a “win-win” for the company and the environment.