Herakles Farms has zero tolerance for corruption and has developed a revolutionary anti-corruption compliance and monitoring system.

According to our policies, “Chiefs play a vital role within the communities of Ghana and Cameroon. Their leadership social and ceremonial roles are often accompanied by specific and formal governmental authority.”

This is exactly why we distribute rice and fish in their villages while asking for their land. In cases where food distribution fails, our policies allow us to adopt practices of intimidation and corruption to seal the deal.

If anyone has information related to non-compliance with our anti-corruption policy, please immediately contact ex Vice President Carmine Farnan. Although be patient - he no longer works for our company.

We would like to thank the French newspaper Le Monde for informing us that our previous Operational Director, Hamilton James, made an offer of jobs for family members to a high level Cameroonian civil servant in exchange for support of our project. We have informed the US Government and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development that he no longer works for us and thus expect we will not be liable for his actions.