Invest - Please!

Herakles Farms invites interested investors to become part of this highly profitable (or what we hope will be highly profitable) commercial project. Recent attacks by non-governmental organizations and communities on our sustainable project strengthen us in our belief that we have to:

• Remain highly secretive about our investors and shareholders. We only mention names of investors after mutual consent (see below).

• Protect our business and investors from events that could harm our project, for example cancellation or nationalization of the project by the Government of Cameroon. Our project had secured a favourable, comprehensive political risk policy provided through Zurich Insurance.  Zurich's Insurance's comprehensive policy and due dilligence was intended to shield investors from political risks. We regret to announce that in October 2013 Zurich Insurance Group cancelled the Political Risk Insurance for our project in Cameroon, which covered 90% of your investment in our project.

Herakles Farms appreciates contributions from the following institutions and investors:

Justin Patterson, of Harkin Value Partners (descendent of Andrew W Mellon and famous for supergarlicky hummus). Harkin’s investment analysts fully believe our palm plantation will produce 34 tons of palm bunches (FFB) per hectare, even though it has never been done in the history of Africa.

Our placement agent, EAS advisors, unfortunately no longer has a relationship with our company.

Securities offered by the banking and brokerage platform Merriman Capital, unfortunately no longer has a relationship with us.

Political Risk Insurance by Zurich Insurance has been cancelled (see above) and no longer has a relationship with us.

Corporate secretarial services from corporate and fund service provider Alter Domus for the shell company we have created in The Netherlands.

We appreciate the moral support of the Global Environment Facility and the United Nations Environment Programme, though unfortunately that support cannot be financial as we are not compliant with IFC standards.

We also appreciate the moral support from our former owner Sithe Global, of the Blackstone Group. Herakles Farms purchased the Cameroon plantation from Sithe Global in 2009. We were close to a formal cooperation, but then Herakles Farms' former Operational Director, Hamilton James, son of Hamilton "Tony" James, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Blackstone Group, was responsible for various aspects of business development, reportedly including corruption of public officials."