Environmental sustainability

Herakles Farms wants the world to know that we remain committed to redefining environmental sustainability, even if that means some minor alterations will be required to a habitat of high conservation value areas and the opposition of one or two groups such as:

We appreciate others pointing out facts and technical details that we have omitted to mention that demonstrate the critical importance of these habitats. But conservationists simply have to realize that it is much more important to develop Cameroon’s national palm oil brand value (and ours).

To do so, sometimes we might have to accept the fact that habitat home to species threatened with extinction (such as the Drill and the Chimpanzee) need to be destroyed.

Herakles Farms remains committed to publicly communicating that we are following World Bank Standards and RSPO Principles in collaboration with the government and the local people to bring sustainable economic development, shared value and employment to this region while opportunistically ignoring these standards when necessary.

As everyone knows, the World Bank in particular has an impeccable track record in the palm oil sector.