Step 1: Find a nice patch of dense tropical forest. The Amazon and Congo Basin are popular choices right now. The more pristine, rich in biodiversity and home to endangered tree species and wildlife the better.
Step 2: Get yourself a permit. Do not worry if you are not actually qualified to have one, permits can be acquired easily. You can use one that is intended for local usage or bribe officials. There are many ways.
Step 3: Start stealing trees! You should not have to worry about local communities that live in and rely on the forests. If they do kick up a fuss you can either pay them a fraction of what their land is worth, get the local police to shut them up or simply not tell them what you are up to in the first place.
Step 4: Now you need to start exporting your timber and make some money! China and the USA continue to be easy markets to head to but why not try the European Union first? There is legislation that should effectively stop this type of timber trade, but so far no one seems to be bothering to enforce it properly. All timber is welcome!