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Nuclear News: Taiwan Aboriginal Village Targeted for Nuclear Waste Disposal

Blog entry by Justin | 1 October, 2009

Today's big stories from the nuclear industry: Taiwan Aboriginal Village Targeted for Nuclear Waste Disposal ’Taiwan has tried and failed to sell its nuclear waste to North Korea and China. Now, the government is seeking a burial...

Sending out an SOS

Blog entry by Lisa | 1 October, 2009 10 comments

Join the Prince's Rainforest Project in an enormous effort to transmit the world’s biggest SOS on behalf of Earth's rainforests.

Reflecting on the first action in the tar sands

Blog entry by laurak | 30 September, 2009 8 comments

CNN tour of the Arctic Sunrise

Blog entry by Andrew | 30 September, 2009 2 comments

Our ship, the Arctic Sunrise, has spent the last months on an expedition to Greenland . We provided a platform for independent scientists researching climate change impacts, and independent journalists reporting on them. During the...

Nuclear waste storage: bad news from Sweden

Blog entry by Justin | 30 September, 2009

What to do with nuclear waste? How do we store it safely in the long term? The answer to that question has eluded the nuclear industry for sixty years. Some isotopes in the waste produced by nuclear reactors are dangerous for hundreds...

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