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Pirate fishing, plundering the oceans

Publication | 18 June, 2000 at 0:00

Their unregulated nets snare not only countless tons of fish, but also many of our oceans’ endangered mammals and seabirds. While governments around the world have done little to confront these modern day pirates, the essential biodiversity of...

Spotlight on the Illegal Timber Trade: Asia Pacific

Publication | 18 June, 2000 at 0:00

The few ancient forests in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region are under threat. In Laos, Vietnam and Taiwan, Thailand, Burma and Cambodia, at least 90 percent of large ancient forest has already been destroyed. Malaysia has lost 85 percent,...

Spoptlight on the illegal timber trade in Cameroon

Publication | 18 June, 2000 at 0:00

The remaining large ancient forests of West Africa are under threat. Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast have already lost almost all of their natural forest. Liberia is the only west African country where large areas of ancient forest remain. But...

Climate Change and the Mediterranean Region

Publication | 25 May, 2000 at 0:00

Review on non-target organisms and bt-plants

Publication | 1 April, 2000 at 0:00

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