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One week to go in Poznan- will leaders get serious?

Blog entry by Jess | 8 December, 2008 1 comment

Week two in Poznan starts with a small pause in the official meetings for the observation of the Islamic feast of Eid Al-Adha. While it is officially a day off here, there is still plenty going on in the conference center in Poznan. ...

How to find the Climate Rescue Station in Poznan

Blog entry by Lisa | 8 December, 2008 1 comment

For those lucky enough to escape the UN climate talks in Poznan for a little while - our Climate Rescue Station is a good place to hang out! Here's how to get there. The red exclamation mark is where the COP14 meeting is and the...

Global Day of Action in Poznan

Blog entry by Jess | 8 December, 2008

Activists from Project Hot Seat and student delegates from Solar Generation gathered in Plac Wolności (where the Climate Rescue Station is being constructed) and called on government leaders to stop clowning around GET SERIOUS...

Second Polar Bear looks for home in Poznan

Blog entry by Jess | 8 December, 2008

Last week, I told you about the homeless polar bear that made its way to Poznan with a plea for change. This weekend, a second polar bear showed up at the UN negotiations. This polar bear is here just in time for the arrival of most...

Anyone for hot nuclear action?

Blog entry by Justin | 8 December, 2008

Human sexuality is an amazing, complex thing. People can be turned on by the strangest things. For example, in the UK last year, a man was prosecuted for making love to his bicycle . The media labelled him a ‘cyclesexualist’. So what...

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