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Mumrinskiy: Russian Pirate Ship Caught in Amsterdam

Blog entry by Dave | 22 August, 2006 4 comments

© Greenpeace/Karel Zwaneveld. Activists paint 'Stop Pirate Fishing' on the side of the 'pirate' Russian ship Mumrinskiy This morning, our activists managed to halt the unloading of a Russian ship, the Mumrinskiy at Eemshaven in...

Norway Kills Less Whales Than Planned!

Blog entry by Dave | 22 August, 2006 6 comments

Norway - the only country in the world to openly conduct commercial whaling (Japan and Iceland hide behind the flimsy veil of 'scientific whaling'), is failing to reach it's Minke whale quota for this year. Excellent news! This year...

Philippines spill witnessed first hand

Blog entry by Dave | 21 August, 2006

© Greenpeace / Newman. Activists and fishermen attempting to use oil booms made from local materials to protect beaches from spilled bunker oil. Of course, as soon as I posted my oil spills roundup , Andrew's posted a more detailed...

Oil Spills - The Philippines, India and Lebanon

Blog entry by Dave | 21 August, 2006

© Greenpeace/Gavin Newman. Mangrove Roots and new shoots coated with Oil from the sunken Petron-chartered single hull vessel oil tanker in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras Island. Philippines. The last few weeks has brought a lot of bad...

Rainbow Warrior Rescues Stricken Yacht

Blog entry by Dave | 21 August, 2006

On board the Rainbow Warrior, outboard mechanic Phil tells us how he was dragged from his bed at some ungodly hour to rescue three Portuguese ladies whose yacht had run aground off the coast of Corsica. All in a night's work for the...

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