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Clean up party

Blog entry by Andrew | 28 July, 2006

We had a bit of a late spring-cleaning in the office today. It is amazing what you find lying around: Calendars from 2004, the name badge of someone who left years ago… That's Mike in the photo. You might remember him most...

GE Maps: Censored by French Court, Republished by Greenpeace International, Featured...

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 27 July, 2006

It was always going to be the *perfect* BoingBoing story: Greenpeace France publishes a Google Map showing locations of GE Crop fields. Farmers take Greenpeace to court. French Government orders map and webpage removed, despite the...

Massive oil spill in Lebanon

Blog entry by Andrew | 27 July, 2006

This caught my eye on the Mother Jones Blog this morning: It looks like an eco-nightmare is taking place on the beaches of Lebanon. Reports coming in say beaches are being clogged with oil because five out of six oil tanks at the...

Activist harassed for taking water samples

Blog entry by Andrew | 26 July, 2006

Today a Greenpeace Philippines employee named David Andrade, his boat driver and his guide were illegally detained and searched by police while taking water samples downstream from a the Lafayette mining operation on Rapu Rapu island. ...

Futurama take on Global Warming

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 26 July, 2006 1 comment

Now why didn't we think of this????

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