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Blog entry by Andrew | 25 July, 2006 6 comments

Ahoy! I'm Andrew, from Washington, DC (and surrounding areas). I've been working for Greenpeace for years in the mistaken belief that there would be free pizza. Sadly no, or at least not yet, but I have been lucky enough to see and...

No more tuna fish

Blog entry by Andrew | 20 July, 2006

Great article in the New York Times this week about the alarming decline in Mediterranean blue fin tuna populations. The Esperanza was there a few weeks ago. It's crew found a lot of fishing boats, but not a lot of fish. Recent...

The Gas Guzzler & The Motor Show

Blog entry by Dave | 20 July, 2006

In the UK, the annual Motor Show has just opened amidst sweltering summer heat that the Met Office reckons might be linked to climage change. So we've launched a slick new 'advert' targeting gas guzzling 4x4s for being one of the...

Wishing you safety and peace

Blog entry by Andrew | 14 July, 2006

Slade, on board the Esperanza, has posted a note from the crew about how much they are thinking of our colleagues in Lebanon and Israel . I am sure this is true for the crew on all of our ships, and Greenpeace staff worldwide. I...

The shapes of green things to come?

Blog entry by brianfit | 13 July, 2006

Here's a glimpse of some strange green futures that have flickered across the low-energy flat-panel LCD screens over at the Greenpeace Secret Mountain Zeitgeist Laboratories. From WorldChanging : The Dutch advisory for the...

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