NTT - 17th position, 20/100

NTT Group is one of the largest global telecommunications companies, with a number of business units with significant opportunities for pursuing IT energy solutions.

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NTT was evaluated for the first time last year in Version 5 of the Cool IT Leaderboard. NTT still scores highly for its solutions leadership, ranking 6th overall, but its leadership falls far below its competitors for both IT energy impact and advocacy.

Unlike its Japanese competitor SoftBank, NTT has not spoken out in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster in support of policies to shift Japan toward renewable energy. Mr. Satoshi Miura, CEO of NTT, is one of the vice presidents of the Keidanren, the Japanese business council that announced its opposition to Japan’s 25% CO2 reduction target, Feed-in Law and Carbon Tax in December, 2012. As NTT has not distinguished itself from the statement or the Keidnaren, NTT is penalised with 5 points for negative lobbying.

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NTT's performance in detail: Download the company’s Scorecard here